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    Wed May 6 13:30:10 2015
    F Frencherham posted in Online Planning Board.

    I have some experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL. I also have experience administering lamp/wamp servers. Im pretty familiar with python and I am learning c/c++.

  2. Mon Apr 27 16:08:00 2015
    F Frencherham posted in Lawn mower engine powered bike.

    Sounds good, Can you bring it to the meeting friday?

  3. Mon Apr 27 13:44:31 2015
    F Frencherham posted in Lawn mower engine powered bike.

    Looks good, do you want anything for it?

  4. Mon Apr 20 12:42:22 2015
    F Frencherham posted in Lawn mower engine powered bike.

    I updated the post to just contain links, I will go back through and make an album when I get a chance. I am looking for a bike! so if you are willing to donate or sell it that will save me some time on craigslist.

  5. Sat Apr 18 17:55:37 2015
    F Frencherham started the conversation Lawn mower engine powered bike.

    Today I started a project I have been wanting to do for many years. I am re-purposing a lawnmower engine to power a bicycle. At this point I have pulled the engine off of the mower and I have rotated the carburetor to allow the engine to sit so the crank shaft is horizontal rather than vertical. I need to make sure the engine will deliver oil to the shafts and gears and remount the fuel tank to gravity feed into the engine. Once the engine is converted I can work on attaching it to a bike, which I do not yet have.


  6. Fri Apr 17 13:33:55 2015

    I have some db25 cables most are roughly 3-5' long for most of them.

  7. Sun Apr 12 03:25:24 2015
    F Frencherham started the conversation [giveaway] Old Cables and other computer components.

    I've been sorting through old cables and components I was given and have found plenty which I have no use for so I am giving them away. There are a lot of old serial cables (mostly db-25 and de-9) but a variety of others as well. I have also thrown a few old PCI cards and a serial mouse into the mix. I am not done sorting through it all so there will likely be more added. If anyone is interested I plan to bring the whole lot to the May 1st meeting but I am willing to meet before then if you'd like to get at them sooner.

    First come first server, nothing is guaranteed to work!

  8. Sun Apr 12 03:07:19 2015
    F Frencherham started the conversation Rules of exchange channel.

    Feel free to exchange anything you think can be used for a project. Feel free to exchange finished projects or ask for/ offer commission work.

    A few things to note:

    • Asking for freebies is not prohibited, but nobody is obligated to give anything away and begging is NOT allowed.
    • Please use [seeking], [selling], [trading], or [giveaway] at the beginning of your title for easy identification and searching.
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