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    Thu May 7 12:54:41 2015
    plusOneDev posted in Online Planning Board.

    I agree there isn't much of a need right now. I'm just interested in organizing the only resource we have right now (people)

  2. Tue May 5 12:50:53 2015
    plusOneDev started the conversation Online Planning Board.

    I'm looking for individuals with coding/web development/graphics experience that are interested in planning, building, and maintaining the groups' online assets.

    I would like to get a group together so that a road map can be drawn up and we can make the most out of the limited resources (people) we have available.

    If you are interested post to the thread with any ideas and what skill set you bring to the party.

  3. Thu Apr 9 19:21:08 2015
    plusOneDev posted in Project threads?.

    I created a project thread along with a very short guidelines post. Right now you will only be able to link to photos but in the next couple of days I will get around to setting up image uploading.

  4. Thu Apr 9 19:18:43 2015
    plusOneDev started the conversation Project Channel Rules of the Road.

    Feel free to start a thread to document and update the community on an ongoing project. Please mind cross threading and always begin a new thread for a new project.

  5. Mon Apr 6 19:13:18 2015
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  6. Mon Apr 6 19:13:18 2015
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    Welcome to Mid-Michigan Makers!

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