Electronic components thread

  1. 3 years ago
    Edited 3 years ago by alhirzel

    I'm sure everyone already has nice collections of components, but it might be nice to share what we've got. I've tagged things with [cheap] if money is no object, i.e. I don't care and I'll trade you a pack of gum or something for whatever you want.

    [$3/ea] AD620AR DIP instrumentation op-amps
    [cheap] resistor and cap indexes in 0805 and 0603
    [cheap] a lot of thru-hole passives including a resistor index and a ceramic cap index and most other common components
    [cheap] RGB, IR and other thru-hole LEDs, SMD LEDs in many colors (0805 or 0603, I can't remember), 7-seg displays
    [cheap] misc switches
    [cheap] Dupont connector bodies, male+female pins (VERY HANDY!)


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