[giveaway] Old Cables and other computer components

  1. 3 years ago


    12 Apr 2015 Administrator

    I've been sorting through old cables and components I was given and have found plenty which I have no use for so I am giving them away. There are a lot of old serial cables (mostly db-25 and de-9) but a variety of others as well. I have also thrown a few old PCI cards and a serial mouse into the mix. I am not done sorting through it all so there will likely be more added. If anyone is interested I plan to bring the whole lot to the May 1st meeting but I am willing to meet before then if you'd like to get at them sooner.

    First come first server, nothing is guaranteed to work!

  2. Could I have a few long db25s? I need multiconductor cables.

  3. Frencherham

    17 Apr 2015 Administrator

    I have some db25 cables most are roughly 3-5' long for most of them.


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