Motivation for our existence

  1. 3 years ago
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    I wanted to start a conversation on our motivation/direction.

    I think we should be an organization focused on providing convenience, services, advice, etc. to our members. We should also be focused on advancing educational, humanitarian and other goals. This is usually a good, fundable structure (c.f. NSF and other funding agencies, fraternities, service organizations, the "spirit" of a nonprofit, etc.)

    I think we should start getting a list of what we want to do to benefit our members, and what we want to do to benefit the community. I think this will drive the necessity for forming an organization, for collecting dues, and for eventually securing a space. It is important to have this chain of causality so we can't be seen as just cliquey jackwagons sharing toys. This is important, because aren't just cliquey jackwagons wanting to share toys!

    I think it would be good to start a list of local resources for common tasks. e.g. where do I go to buy wire? What are the best local sources for various other items? (servo motors...) More pertinently (and feel free to answer this one directly....) where do I go to recycle old technology?

    I think it would be good to start adding this to a FAQ page on a Wiki or something like a Wiki. A forum is great for conversations, but I think improper for a FAQ.

    I contacted a hackerspace in Clio to see how active they are and if they're interested in what we're doing.

    I emailed attendees of the last meeting so we all have each others' email addresses.

    I updated the Hackerspaces page with some of the new info I could find (twitter, new name, etc.)

    Also I found this and I'll skim it sometime...



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