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    5 May 2015 Administrator

    I'm looking for individuals with coding/web development/graphics experience that are interested in planning, building, and maintaining the groups' online assets.

    I would like to get a group together so that a road map can be drawn up and we can make the most out of the limited resources (people) we have available.

    If you are interested post to the thread with any ideas and what skill set you bring to the party.

  2. Frencherham

    6 May 2015 Administrator
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    I have some experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL. I also have experience administering lamp/wamp servers. Im pretty familiar with python and I am learning c/c++.

  3. Edited 3 years ago by alhirzel

    Per conversation at that meeting, count me in! I can swing a bunch of different kinds of hammers. Everything from setting up Apache to writing the front/backends. My design experience is limited; I can't weild that hammer. (Unless you want it done in LaTeX or the same style, or it's a technical document, then I'm your guy!)


    I think it would be good to disseminate references to ourselves online (e.g. hackerspace database as I've already volunteered myself to update). I think we should also actively seek out similar groups. I don't think there is a large need to set up new software right now, except perhaps a calendar including our meetings and meetings of other groups.

  4. plusOneDev

    7 May 2015 Administrator

    I agree there isn't much of a need right now. I'm just interested in organizing the only resource we have right now (people)

  5. Just wanting to build a list of our online presences:

    Twitter -
    Facebook group
    Page on Hackerspaces wiki -
    Website -


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